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Queenscliff man invents glow-in-the-dark footy

Queenscliff man invents glow-in-the-dark footy

TRADITIONAL kick-to-kick will take on a new light as night descends after the Geelong Cats’ NAB Cup clashes at Skilled Stadium on Sunday.

Queenscliff designer Nick Martino, 34, plans to use the gathering dark to illuminate his glow-in-the-dark Charge footballs manufactured as a prototype by Sherrin.

He then hopes Geelong region clubs will take the balls and run with them at training to provide hands-on feedback on their performance and effectiveness.

“What we’re basically saying is here’s this product, can it help with training with your club?” Mr Martino said.

The former Queenscliff player has spent the past few years developing the balls to help baulk poor lighting problems at some country footy clubs.

The prototype is not leather but specialised polyurethane with material able to be charged by short spells in intense light. “Stick it in the light box for 30 seconds and it hums for 20 or 30 minutes,” Mr Martino said.

Balls charged in daylight glow for 10 hours but at a lower brightness.

Mr Martino plans to develop glow netballs, cricket and soccer balls as well.

He said a first prototype football had been too heavy but he has two second prototype Charges in hand at correct weight and will order more from Sherrin for Geelong region clubs to use and review.

Talks with AFL development staff had been encouraging and he would be interested to gauge reactions of people after Sunday’s NAB Cup clashes.

– Clubs keen to give the balls a run can email